Tips on How to Build an NFT Community With Quick Steps

When dealing with the NFT space, building a strong community around the topic is one of the best things you can do to reach your target audience. Although it sounds like a simple mission, there are tons of things a moderator needs to think about when building an NFT community.

From the content being posted to the rules that ensure the safety of the community members, everything must be well-thought-out for a solid structure. The community-building efforts are what make the difference between a successful NFT community and a space with no engagement, like most existing community examples.

We will show you how to build the perfect space for NFT enthusiasts. No matter if your objective is to promote upcoming NFT projects or just have your own NFT community for fun. Follow these steps, and you will have a space where people go to exchange ideas and enjoy the content.

What Is NFT

You probably already know what an NFT is, but if you don’t know, don’t worry. Here is a quick explanation:

Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs) are digital assets stored using blockchain technology. These assets are unique and cannot be replaced by anything else.

The main difference between them and traditional crypto tokens, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is that each one has value, and arts from the same collection can cost different amounts. Although many people relate NFTs to illustrations, this technology goes far beyond just that.

The assets can go from music to tickets for a show. The possibilities are almost endless.

Why Building an NFT Community Is Important

Many things can contribute to a successful NFT project; you won’t find most of the tools to achieve this success just in NFT marketplaces. To help reach their objectives, artists and investors worldwide build their own NFT communities on social media platforms.

Work Visibility

One of the most expressive reasons for creating an active community is the benefit of showcasing your work for the other community members. Most NFT communities are designed to share specific projects and increase the visibility of the community managers, whether they are creators or collectors.

Knowledge Exchange

Another reason to create a strong NFT community is the exchange of ideas and experiences. Most successful community examples constantly exchange information and experiences, especially between professionals and enthusiasts who want to start in the NFT world but don’t know how to.

Having Fun

NFT communities are far more than just an extended workspace. They are also a place to meet new people with similar interests and have fun.

We see many NFT dDscords doing games and other activities between members. These activities are perfect for generating engagement and making people have fun while talking about something they love

These and many more reasons make the communities the perfect place for meeting new people and getting to know new NFT projects

How to Build an NFT Community

Now that you know why having your own NFT community can be the best thing, whether you are an artist or an investor, it is time to see how you can build this space for your online group. Be sure to follow each step carefully to build a vibrant community of like-minded people who can exchange experiences and knowledge.

Here are the main steps for creating your NFT community:

Define Your Target Audience

Deciding on a target audience doesn’t mean restricting it to only specific types of community members. Understanding who you want to focus on is crucial to creating well-planned strategies regarding effective communication.

A strong community doesn’t need hundreds of thousands of members, but it will be way harder to sustain it with few people interacting. Be sure to know what kind of audience you want to reach and work on strategies to reach these people.

Choose the Platform

After defining your target audience, you must choose the platform where you want to create your NFT community. This decision must be aligned with the previous topic.

You need to choose the platform where your audience is located. If you want to reach younger audiences, you can focus on good Discord community marketing, for example.

Here are some suggestions of platforms where you can create communities and share NFT projects:


When it comes to sharing NFT projects or hosting events, Discord is one of the best platforms for the task. The program features many tools that allow you to create a dynamic community that interacts and shares different types of content.

The platform is free to use, and anyone can easily create a community there. The content shared here can go from project status to mentorship about how to invest in the digital assets world.You will also find tools that can help you to host events and also features, like Discord permissions, that allow you to give exclusive benefits to determined members.

You can also quickly gather community feedback, allowing you to understand which parts need improvement. It is one of the most versatile platforms that will enable you to implement security measures and ensure you create a strong community, like the one created for the Bored Ape Yacht Club project.


Twitter spaces are also an excellent tool for gathering users and building a space for exchanging knowledge. An NFT community refers to a group of NFT enthusiasts that converse about the topic, and Twitter provides you with tons of tools to make this happen.

It may have different features than Discord for hosting events, but if you want to gather the largest number of users, and communicate with a wider audience, there is nothing better than one of the biggest platforms in the world. You can share details on a new NFT collection or even post links about early access to them. It is a great platform to share ideas and keep your members up to date about events.


If you are looking for a platform that already has tons of NFT enthusiasts as users, Reddit is a great option for you. Despite having limited content formats, it has an engaged community. People are constantly filling the subreddits with tons of content about the topic being discussed.

Some NFT marketplaces allow your profile to link directly to Reddit so you can easily share it to quickly gather more members. It also has a simple interface so anyone can easily adapt to it and start contributing with content and comments.

Decide on Content Strategy

The members of your community are an essential part of it, and so is its content. Most of the time, if your community doesn’t have a focus in terms of content, it becomes unorganized, and people may feel disconnected from it.

An NFT platform or community can have more than one kind of content, but you must choose one to focus on to generate interest effectively and produce quality content. You can do it based on your target audience or based on your own interests and start developing a strategy around it.

You can test different types of content and see how your members react. You don’t have to stick to the chosen content until the end, the most important thing is to create content that gets people excited.

We see this kind of strategy in the VeeFriends community. On their Discord, they have different rooms for different types of content.

This way people can enter and follow only the topics that interest them. This helps for a more organized community without mixing different types of content into the same timeline.

Another example is BAYC-related Discord servers. Their strategy is clearly just to promote their content and products. You can find rooms where people exchange experiences and information, but the main timeline is restricted to products and news related to the collection.

Rules and Administrators

Ensuring everyone’s security and maintaining a good relationship between members is a crucial factor to any healthy community. To make this easier, you must create a list of rules every member should follow.

This measure is made to keep the environment healthy and guarantee a good relationship between everybody. Moreover, depending on its size, you will need to elect administrators or moderators for your community. 

These people will be responsible for monitoring the community to ensure everybody follows the rules. Since it is an important task, you must choose only people you trust for this role.

Share the Link

The last step for creating your NFT community is to share its link in as many places as possible. From your social media accounts to NFT forums, the more you share, the more community members you will gather. You don’t need a marketing agency or complicated marketing strategies for gathering a fan base.

Every platform allows you to easily share them. You can also encourage the members to share invitation links as well.

This will make you get more members and incentivize your public to interact with the content. 

Conclusion on How to Build an NFT Community

NFT communities are a big part of this digital universe and are incredible backup tools for artists and collectors. From a space for talking with like-minded people to an alternative for marketing an NFT project, you can use these platforms to do almost anything.

Ensure you follow each step to make your online environment an excellent experience for the people in it. This will make them want to stay as members and share it with others, making your community grow daily.

Remember that numbers are not the most important thing. The content you share and how the members behave is also a big part of a community’s success.

Now that you know everything you need, it is time to start creating your own community. With this, you will definitely be able to find new people to exchange experiences with and build a space where everyone who likes the topic can join.

By Lucciano Pelizzoli

Whether it's explaining the intricacies of blockchain technology or researching the latest trends in the NFT market, Lucciano has a knack for turning technical jargon into easily digestible prose. He combines his passion for writing with an insatiable curiosity for all things tech. Having started his adventure with NFT while studying marketing at PUCRS, Lucciano sees his future in creating his own NFT projects on the Solana blockchain platform.

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