How to Promote NFT on Twitter – [7 Easy-to-Implement Steps]

As the popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) continues to soar, more and more artists, creators, and collectors are turning to Twitter as their go-to platform for promoting their NFTs. 

With its massive user base and ability to quickly reach a global audience, Twitter gives NFT enthusiasts a competitive edge over their competitors. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best practices for promoting NFTs on Twitter. 

Whether you’re an artist looking to showcase your latest NFT creation or a collector hoping to build your portfolio, this guide will help you harness the power of Twitter to reach a wider audience and maximize the value of your NFTs.

7 Tips to Better Promote Your NFT Project on Twitter

Number 7 is your lucky number! The 7 pieces of advice below are an excellent way to improve your visibility and engagement of your NFT project. Adopt all you think are crucial for your artwork.

  1. Create a Particular Profile for Your NFT Project

When people want to know more about your NFT project, they likely head to your Twitter profile to check all the news. In this sense, it’s crucial that your profile is on-brand and represents your non-fungible token project. But how can you create a profile that fits the standards of the NFT industry?

  • Pay special attention to your project’s logo. It should represent the main subject of your project. I.e., to make a close-up of your NFT artwork.
  • The image you select for your project’s banner must represent the aesthetic and the project’s overall.
  • The description of your project should contain relevant content and explain it briefly. In other words, it must be short, solid, and concise. 

The Open Head project is an excellent example of an NFT Twitter profile with great art. In this regard, we can infer the following:

  • Profile picture. It just highlights the name of the project and the main subject of its digital art.
  • Cover image. This picture shows three of the most popular and primary promoting NFTs. This is great for users to know what they’ll find in this project.
  • Description. It reflects the project vision and helps to build hype among people who visit the profile.   
  • Link. There are several links to different groups of interest.
  1. Deconstruct the Data and Reverse-Engineer Twitter Algorithm

If you continuously use Twitter, you already know that audience engagement is almost everything when promoting quality content on this platform. The more people share, like, and promote your NFT, the better chance it has of creating hype and reaching new people. 

In this sense, how do you use reverse engineering to deconstruct Twitter algorithms and reach more existing users?

First, you should understand the most relevant tweets for your audience and the general NFT public. In other words, knowing what type of content works better will give you an approach to what you should create. 

A good experiment to prove which tweets work better is creating different types of content to see which gets more likes and shares. For example, you can create long-form Twitter threads and check how many people respond to the thread and how many share the content. 

You can also offer giveaways to see how people react to this type of prize and if these help to increase visibility and attract new fans. 

You can use SweepWidget to run Twitter contests and giveaways to study user behavior regarding prizes and the content of your NFT space.  

  1. Build an Engaging NFT Community

Most popular and successful NFT projects promoting their artwork on Twitter have a solid and engaging community of Twitter users. 

How did these NFT projects build their Twitter spaces? 

In short, they have been working from the beginning to communicate and promote the project on different social media platforms. For instance, NFT projects create Discord groups where members and interested ones share information and artwork.

Building community is crucial to increase followers! 

These people who constantly participate and interact become part of the Twitter community and other groups engaged with the project. These members can also share engaging tweets and attract new members to check the NFT collection.    

  1. Organize Your Future Tweets when Creating Your Campaign

Like any other promotional or marketing campaign, you need to plan your NFT marketing strategy and the steps you will take in advance. 

Ask yourself, what types of Tweets do you want to create? What is each post you publish about? Do you want to provide information about your NFTs on Twitter or want to entertain or inspire your followers? 

Organize different types of tweets you can use in various stages of your campaign. It’s also helpful to create a schedule in advance.

For example, you can create specific tweets to release some data about your promotion once a week. Another big idea is starting giveaways every Monday of the current month. Finally, occasionally you can create a thread that helps you build a strong community and attract new followers.

Creating a Twitter schedule with a precise end date will help you better organize future interactions with your followers.

  1. Create and Develop Several Types of Prompts

Selecting the right kind of prompt for your promotional strategy takes work. You can create several types of content to keep your audience interested in your project. In this context, prompt creation is strictly related to the previous point.

Creating several types of prompts provides your project with credibility and entertainment!

In addition to those we’ve already mentioned, such as a giveaway or contest, you can also consider the following:

  • Ask me anything. It’s best to get as many people to know about your project as possible. Then, consider creating “ask me anything” events, allowing your followers to ask specific questions about your project. It also helps you to create more engagement. 
  • Celebrate follower milestones. When your own space reaches 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 followers, it’s a good idea to celebrate by rewarding something special. It also attracts other users to join the community. 
  • Shoutout. Appreciate other creators or NFT influencers who have helped you to promote your project. Thanks to this, you’ll also gain community appreciation, with more people getting to know that supporters are important to you. 
  • NFT promotion showcase. Speak about your latest creations and new NFTs. Show off why they’re unique, and why potential investors should invest in them.
  • Ask questions to your audience. Asking direct questions is the best method to know what your potential buyers think about your NFT project or popular NFTs. From time to time, you can create discussions. This way, you encourage community members to participate in the process.
  1. Be Consistent with Your Interactions

Twitter is almost everything about interacting with other accounts, people, projects, and platforms. The bluebird social media rewards you when you tag –by using a hashtag – others when tweeting or creating a thread. Networking with people and accounts that share the same interest and love for NFTs is crucial to growing your visibility. In this sense, you should perform the following:

  • Mention popular pages or popular NFTs projects, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, in your Tweets;
  • Reply to notable tweets;
  • Retweet relevant content for your audiences or friends;
  • Engage with content by liking and providing feedback to other projects;
  • Message accounts you want to collaborate with.  
  1. Measure the Results of Your Tweets

Improving the reach of your strategy and NFT campaign and increasing the number of followers is related to how you measure the performance of your tweets and what you do with the info you get. 

So, the right way to measure the posting performance on Twitter is by accessing the “Analytics” of your Twitter profile. Once you’re there, check the 28 summary metrics. It will give you an overview of the following:

  • Impressions. These correspond to the number of users who saw your tweets.
  • Tweet activity. It indicates how many people answer, retweet, or like your tweets. 
  • Audience engagement. It shows how often readers interact with your tweets.
  • Follower growth. Indicates how many followers your account gains over time. 

Other metrics that provide interesting insights about the performance of your account are the number of users who have mentioned your project the most over the last month. In general terms, these are the right people to work with and collaborate with.

The number of clicks to your website or NFT sales page is another important factor in measuring your campaigns’ traffic and success. It will allow you to analyze what you’re doing well and what needs to be fixed with your strategies.  

The Bottom Line

Twitter communities and Twitter pages will help you reach a broad mass to promote and discuss your NFT project. Visualization by appealing tweets is also an alternative way to increase audience and NFT sales. But what must be included is a creative mind that builds awareness, engagement, and interest. Work and develop your project, follow these tips, and soon you’ll see the results!

By Daniel Santi

A seasoned content writer with over 7 years of experience. Combining his expertise in writing with a background in architecture and visual arts, Daniel brings a unique perspective to the world of NFTs, blockchain, and emerging technology. His artistic skills and technical expertise enable him to create stunning, one-of-a-kind NFTs that push the boundaries of what's possible in the digital space.

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