How to Get NFTs for Free? 5 Best Methods to Do It!

NFT space is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. People everywhere are talking about the new ways of utilizing NFTs and getting them into work. Of course, it’s not like every idea is great, but some fantastic concepts are just waiting to be explored. 

So, because NFTs are such a unique and futuristic idea, do we not get them for free? It seemed crazy at the time but after some research and digging, it turns out that there are a lot of possibilities to own NFT without extra work. Apart from taking some time out of your day to get those free NFTs.

So, with that in mind, we’ve decided to give you a comprehensive list of how to get NFTs from around the world for absolutely no money whatsoever. Who knows, maybe one day, your 0-dollar investment could bring you millions in returns?

It probably won’t, but even at a hundred dollars, it’s still a bargain, isn’t it?

With that in mind, let’s discuss ways to get free NFT out of this space.

How to Get Free NFTs – Basic Concepts

There are many ways to accomplish this task. NFTs can be found anywhere, and more and more spaces use them as tokens that you can pay with, rewards for gaming, or just giving it out to the people to promote it. The possibilities are endless, and marketers use them to their advantage.

But before we get into some serious free NFT mints, let’s first talk about some basic concepts essential to understanding the space.

What Is an NFT?

Well, for starters, let’s define what we mean by NFT. The simplest definition is undoubtedly this: NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a piece of media deployed onto a blockchain through minting. To “mint” an NFT simply means paying a small “gas fee” to give back to the brave miners who make the blockchain secure.

After minting, your NFT is ready to go, by which we mean – you now have the ownership of a unique piece of digital media that you can show to people, transfer to others and see the whole history in the NFT details.

What makes NFTs unique is that, as opposed to what we’re used to in the digital space, you can’t create copies of said NFT. Or instead – you can make copies, but they won’t have the same digital footprint as the original.

In other words, it’s the first intelligent way to create an original piece of digital content that can be highlighted among all the copies. It’s revolutionary in many ways, so let’s review some of its uses.

NFT Marketplace

This is significant as it allows players to exist in the NFT space. This is where you can trade, sell, buy and search for exciting pieces of NFT technology.

And there are plenty to choose from on Rarible, Nifty Gateway, or OpenSea – you can find something for everyone regarding all the niche elements you may find interesting. 

NFT Marketplaces also allow people to mint NFTs on their sites with even the “lazy minting” option. It’s helpful if you are a struggling artist trying to put yourself out there.

What Are Some of the Uses of the NFT Technology?

Well, there are plenty. As it is part of the crypto space, because you need some cryptocurrency to mint your NFTs, it’s a lot about the decentralization and democratization of the currently considered professional areas; and – about making money.

There are many ways of utilizing the idea.


The most common and probably the most interesting one is creating art. It revolutionized the concept of owning a digital piece of art by allowing artists to sell their work in units, not only in rights.

The main change is that before it was illegal to use some pieces of art for commercial use, but pretty much anyone could own them. You just needed some quick ctrl+c/ctrl+v, and you were ready to go.

In the case of NFT technology, you can simply go to the NFT market and get yourself a piece of original artwork that only you will have. You can join a great NFT community, see the most beautiful NFT collections or just go around NFT marketplaces to see what could be the next big thing.


Another usage of NFTs that you could utilize for your benefit is the collectibles. Whether it’s in videos like what the NBA does with “the best dunks NFTs” or some collectible digital cards, the market for those kinds of media is still growing and expanding.

They are creating NFTs from literally anything and turning from traditional to digital media. If you want to understand the scope better, think of the most expensive Pokemon trading card. And then think about the fact that everything is going to be online in a couple of years. So it’s best to invest now than to be sorry later.


We are speaking of not being sorry later – metaverses. We all know and love to clown on Mark Zuckerberg, who made a pretty big announcement without having the technology to back it up, but you have to know – the concept behind it is pretty good. Exceptionally good and perspective, to be frank.

Just think about the possibilities of this technology. You already have your own digital Gucci shoes; you can buy your piece of digital land. Virtual or augmented reality is here to stay, and it will only be more and more expensive as years go by, so it’s best to be ahead of the curve before the turn. Your piece of land could be pretty expensive in a dozen years.


When it comes to the online world, everything has to be connected to gaming. Whether we like it or not, many people are coming up in this space or current or former gamers, so it’s no surprise that they want to incorporate their invention into something they’re passionate about.

Many games let you play with the NFT concept. For example, you can use NFTs as a reward for getting high scores or being good at the game. You can create NFT collectibles that you get in the game.

All of those can be transferable to earn money from them. There are even some specific kinds of games that focus on creating your NFTs during the game. It’s pretty interesting in the long run; we’ll watch how it develops.

The ones to watch out for would definitely be Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, The Sandbox, and Splinterlands. There are of course many more but if you want something in specific genre, you’d have to do some research in order to find those.

Getting Free NFTs

So, now that we know some essential NFT news, let’s go ahead and find out how to collect those free NFTs everyone seems to be talking about.

We’ll go by some of the most exciting concepts; of course, those do not preclude you from finding other ways of earning free NFTs. So, without further ado, let’s get started with some NFT earnings.

NFT Games

The first and the most obvious way of getting started with the whole NFT business is the gaming industry – that’s for sure. We’ve mentioned it briefly before, but it is still one of the most common uses of NFTs, at least when it comes to gathering them.

You can collect some items inside the game that you will later be able to put out at the NFT marketplace. Players collect those and can buy some of your tokens for sentiment, or they just need this piece for their adventure.

It is a bit controversial in some ways when those items you can buy online can be used in the game. Well, in the case of most of the titles, it’s not a problem, but it sometimes can come up when the Free2Play game turns to Pay2Win.

Remember to keep that in mind when playing or trying to earn money through crypto. Or, on the other hand – invest. You can buy some tools for crypto that will allow you to level up quicker and get ahead of the competition. It’s honestly up to you, so remember to choose wisely!

Play to earn games and earn by playing games.

Create Your Own NFT!

This may be a bit controversial, but it is, in some way, the pathway toward getting your own NFT project for free. Mainly by using some tips and tricks, we’ll be able to explain. 

So, first of all, you must be able to do it. It’s not like you’ll create some NFTs without being an artist.

So, you’ll need some ability to start. If you have it, then it would be pretty easy to create a piece of digital art. You can do some videos, images, music – whatever you want; it’s up to you.

The next thing you need to do is create an NFT from the digital art you’ve created. You can do it in a couple of different ways. First, you’ll need to find a marketplace to sell your NFTs. Then, you’ll need to mint it on the blockchain using some kind of cryptocurrency. After that – you will be able to put out your NFTs up for sale. Whether you want to go ahead and mint it before or choose the free-minting option – it’s really up to you.

Lazy Minting

Lazy minting is a way to go around the system and create your free mints. The basic concept is this – instead of minting your NFTs beforehand, you can simply put up your NFTs for sale and choose the lazy minting or free minting option instead.

Doing so will put the entire minting cost on the buyer rather than the seller. It has some advantages and disadvantages for sure. The first positive aspect is that it’s not you who have to pay the price of minting an NFT. Also – you don’t mint NFTs that don’t sell, so you don’t lose your money.

On the other hand, your prices go up because of the added minting and gas fees connected to it. And – the minting prices are not controlled by you, but they are left to chance. Think about it this way, let’s say that minting an NFT is 1 token of something. Let’s say that on November 1st, the token’s price is 1 dollar. Then, a month later, it’s 10 dollars. Two months later, it’s 0.01 dollars. As you can see, minting prices stay the same, but the costs change drastically.

Of course, it’s only a scenario; it may not happen at all, but you have to keep in mind that this is a real possibility if you want to get into this business.

NFT Giveaway

If you want to earn free NFTs, the easiest way is to find out about some NFT giveaways beforehand and get into it before everyone else. Many projects in the crypto space utilize the NFT technology, and it’s only a matter of time before you can get on board with some nifty giveaways to paraphrase our dear friends from Nifty.

Free NFT giveaways are common in the community, but – you need to be a part of it. You can’t just walk into a Discord server and ask everyone who will announce free NFT giveaways. It really does not work this way.

In most cases, you work your way up the ranks and talk with others, for example, Discord members, about the NFT ideas; that way, you can get into some free NFT drops.

The better community you’ll find, the more you’ll be able to collect in the end, so be sure to surge through the ranks and search the internet in order to find the single best NFT tokens available.

NFT projects like that are often seen on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram, so make sure to start your journey there.

There are multiple stories detailing how a valuable NFT collection was previously a giveaway among fans and became one of the more popular collections created. So, be sure to check out what’s going on!

NFT Airdrops

The crypto world imitates the real one, and vice versa. In this case, it’s also the case of…stock options. 

Stock options are usually given to the company’s employees as a thank you or just a payment. The owners can then sell it or do literally anything they want with it, as long as it is within the law and their contract.

So, it’s kind of similar when it comes to NFTs. In some cases, the NFT airdrop is also a way of making it a customer acquisition cost. Does it mean that if you have one, maybe you’d want another? Perhaps you’d like to invest some crypto into other projects of this company. There are a lot of possibilities to utilize this.

How to get in? Well, it’s really similar to NFT giveaways. You’ll just have to join the community and see what is happening there. So again – Discord servers about NFT, some kind of NFT Twitter thread, or anywhere you get your NFT news. There are plenty of sources, so be creative; winning free NFTs has never been easier!

Trading NFTs

The other way to get some free NFTs is trading. If you already have some or you’ve created something, you can trade with other NFT owners on the market. It’s pretty simple in the end; you have some valuable digital assets, and they have their own, and it’s self-explanatory.

If you’re good at trading, you can always find some good deals, and that way – you can trade further and further up to getting a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT from Jimmy Fallon for your Blonde Mona Lisa NFT or something.

There are many ways that skilled traders can utilize to get ahead, so if you think you can be the one, go ahead and try this type of endeavor. NFT markets are full of people looking for opportunities!

NFT Breeding

We left the weirdest one for last. NFT breeding. You may think that it is not what you think it is, but indeed – it is what it is.

Your NFTs can, in some cases, breed other NFTs. Have you ever played with Tamagotchi? Or something similar? Well, it’s more or less the same. You have your own “pet” NFT that you take care of, and you must make it live through the harsh reality of the crypto space.

The most famous project that focuses on that is probably CryptoKitties. So, let’s set all the bees and butterflies aside.

You need to have two CryptoKitties to create a third that will then be minted into an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. All the kitties must be owned by the same user, or in some cases – you can use your stud or vice-versa. It’s getting into some shade territory.

Anyways, once you have your kitties, you can then go ahead and make them breed so the third NFT kitty can be created.

As you can see, this whole process is pretty crazy; we’re not going to lie to you, but in the end – it works like a charm. So if you want to be a part of a family-based NFT game that can also get you some money – you can go ahead and try breeding some kitties—or hatching some eggs if you’re more into Axie Infinity game.

How to Get NFTs for Free – Conclusion

Thank you so much for checking out our article on the very timely piece on the free NFT concept. We appreciate your support, and every view counts in the end.

We hope we can bring you closer to owning your NFT that you didn’t have to pay for. If you want to collect NFTs, you can see plenty of options, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone will hop on this bandwagon.

As we’ve explained thoroughly, getting into the NFT market is a must these days. With metaverses, all the new and upcoming NFT games that are getting increasingly popular, and just overall – the whole crypto space being just outlandishly important, it’s a matter of time before the market gets saturated. So get there before everyone else!

Be sure to check out the other publications we’ve created on various NFT-related topics. We hope that you will find all the necessary information to be the next great NFT owner! We will see you at the next one!

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