How to Create NFT on Solana With Easy Steps

With NFT projects getting more famous daily for both investors and artists, the Solana network has become one of the most used marketplaces for sharing NFT assets. Knowing how to create a Solana NFT is almost indispensable today if you want to enter the world of NFT projects.

Knowing the Solana config and how its blockchain works may look a little complicated, but it is quite easy. The work is even more effortless if you are already familiar with other marketplaces like OpenSea and Binance, for example.

This article is a segment of a longer piece on creating an NFT token.

What Is an NFT

You might have slept for too long if you still don’t know what an NFT is. But don’t worry. There is still hope.

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique digital asset stored in the blockchain. This means that, differently from Bitcoins, for example, it can’t be replaced by anything else.

There are hundreds of different blockchains throughout the web, with the most famous being the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs are usually called digital illustrations and paintings, but the NFT world can go far beyond that.

Almost anything can be tokenized, from an ID card to a song. This causes to have different marketplaces and blockchains dedicated to storing even the most peculiar NFT asset.

What Is Solana

Solana is an open-source blockchain created in 2017 mainly to attend to the growing market of NFTs. The Solana NFT marketplace quickly became one of the creators’ favorite places for sharing new NFT collections.

Along with that, the trading and investing market also grew a lot in the Solana network, with lots of tools for the minting transaction process. The consequence is that, nowadays, Solana is one of the most important marketplaces for NFT buying.

They also introduced their own cryptocurrency (SOL) used throughout the entire process of buying and selling NFTs. This, along with the Phantom wallet, created a perfect combination for those who want to be independent of Ethereum.

Solana x OpenSea

Although both companies recently announced a collaboration for introducing SOL to the OpenSea NFT marketplace through the SolSea platform, many people still prefer one over the other. Both markets have many differences, from the requirements for posting an NFT collection to the minting process.

OpenSea is considered the world’s biggest NFT marketplace. Their main blockchain is Ethereum, and with that comes incredibly high gas fees for posting an NFT project. On the other hand, Solana has a much smaller gas fee, mainly thanks to the Solana blockchain.

This is one of the main reasons why beginner artists and investors prefer the second option. Since they still don’t know how to make a profit or the more advanced processes, it is common to prefer using Solana as their first NFT marketplace.

Steps on How to Create an NFT Collection on Solana

If you want to start creating an NFT collection for Solana but don’t know about concepts like Solana CLI and candy machine ID, don’t worry. Here we will tell how to quickly understand the steps of creating an NFT project on Solana.

Be sure to follow each step carefully to avoid problems with your Solana config or any stage in the process of creating NFTs. This will guarantee that your NFT collection on Solana will be ready to go for sale in the quickest way possible.

Create Your Solana Wallet

Differently from what many people think, the Solana CLI and the Phantom wallet are not the same things. You will have two main options when creating a new wallet at Solana. The Phantom wallet, which is more recommended for beginners, and creating a proper Solana wallet using a specific command line interface. This second one is more indicated for those already familiar with the blockchain and more advanced techniques.

Phantom Wallet

If you prefer the Phantom wallet, go to their official website and install Phantom Wallet as an extension for your main browser. After that, you just need to create your account and fill in the necessary information.

This avoids the need for the programming steps of the other method, like the Solana Address or Solana Airdrop.

Solana CLI

If you want a more advanced wallet with a Solana command line interface, installing the latest Solana CLI tools is the first step. This requires some basic knowledge of programming.

If you think it is too complicated, remember that you can stick with Phantom. If you still want to create it, go to your desktop terminal and make your wallet from there.

Check this article if you don’t know how to do that.

Solana Node

This tip is for those who are already professionals in the NFT art world. A Solana node is a computer used to connect to the Solana network.

This computer is used for tracking transactions and validating them on the blockchain. Be aware that this kind of connection demands high-end equipment with powerful hardware.

If you are not a professional that works with Solana NFTs every day, this is not indicated for you. Sticking with your own computer or laptop is enough to post your NFT project into the marketplace.

Connecting to Solana

When trying to connect to Solana, you will find three different options. Each one of them has a distinct objective when selling NFT on Solana.

Be sure to take a look at all of them and understand their differences. This will prevent you from using the wrong network for what you want to do.

Solana Devnet

This is kind of a testing field to get you used to Solana’s cryptocurrency system. You can access the network by installing two simple javascript libraries.

Once you do it, you have a low-risk playground, whether you are an artist, investor, or Solana explorer trying to understand how it works.

It is also valid to remember that the tokens on your Devnet wallet are not real. This way, you can experiment with all features Solana introduces without taking financial risks.

Solana Mainnet

Like the name says, this is Solana’s main network. This is where you will spend most of your time.

Everything from minting NFTs to managing your own NFT collection is real and has monetary value. You must understand that one network can not transfer coins to another. If you transfer existing funds from your mainnet to the testnet, they will be automatically destroyed, and the value will be deducted from your Solana balance. 

Solana Testnet

The last one of Solana’s different networks is dedicated to devs and creators who want to test features and releases. This is used to check if these features are working correctly and for the devs to fix everything before releasing the final version.

Set Up Your Wallet

Now that you are connected to Solana’s network, it is time to set up your wallet and ensure everything is working correctly. Make sure it works with the Solana cryptocurrency.

Now you just have to deposit SOL in your wallet to be able to buy NFT on Solana and pay the fees before adding your NFT collection. Make sure to look at all the settings to ensure everything is how it should be.

Create Your SolSea Account

Now it’s time to create your account on Solana’s NFT marketplace effectively. The SolSea platform lets you see other people’s work and share your collections.

Connect your wallet to the marketplace and permit the website to get linked with your Phantom wallet. After doing that, you will be redirected to a sign-in page where you will fill in all the necessary information to set up your account.

After receiving the email confirmation from SolSea and clicking on the authentication link, you will be ready to post your NFT art. You will also receive a confirmation that your wallet is connected to SolSea.

Create the NFT Collection

After getting used to SolSea’s interface, you will see a button that says create. By clicking on that button, you will be able to create your first collection and give a name to it.

After filling in the description field, you can upload the images that will be the icon and the header images of your collection. A great feature that SolSea has is the option to address links of social media accounts to the collection.

This way, people seeing your collection can follow you on social media and stay tuned for your future collections and releases. It is a great way to generate engagement for your collections and help sell them.

Create the NFTs for Your Collection

Now that you created the collection, it is time to add the pieces that will compose the project. Go to the same “create” tab, but this time, choose the “NFT” option.

After that, you can choose the files you want to upload as NFTs for the collection. You can use PNG, JPG, and GIF formats to upload pictures. On the other hand, if you are uploading videos, your file must be MP4 or MOV.

You can add separate titles and descriptions to each NFT. After that, the last step is to decide on the royalty payments. You will receive this percentage every time the NFT you created is sold.

Now Wait

Now that you have uploaded your collection to SolSea, you just have to wait for collectors and investors to buy your artwork. It can take some time, especially depending on your price for each piece.

Looking for NFT on Solana is also a great way of meeting new artists and exchanging experiences. This can help you understand more about the NFT world and discover new tricks regarding the platform.

Creating new connections is always good, no matter what art you sell. Be sure to navigate through the collections and artists featured on SolSea website.

Tips on How to Create Better NFTs

Here are some tips if you are struggling to sell your art or just want to make your collections look better. Following them can help not just make your art look more visually appealing and professional but can also help in generating more hype for your creations.

Be Original

If you want to be successful as an NFT artist, you must be original. Looking for a personal style instead of just copying someone’s work is the best way to attract more investors and collectors.

This doesn’t mean that you can not get inspiration from other artists, but you must use it to create something that is truly yours. The best NFT collections always bring something new to the table. 

Creating something that outshines other collections is indispensable for success at this job. Finding your own style can be tricky, but once you do it, everything gets easier.

Create Social Media Accounts for the NFT Project

Another great way of generating hype and making your collections more famous is to have well-structured profiles on social media platforms like Twitter and Discord. This allows people to access these profiles and see pictures and news about the collection.

Doing this can increase the number of interested investors, making selling your NFTs way easier. This is one of the reasons why SolSea allows users to insert social media links on their NFTs.

Another great tip for creating an engaging collection that catches the attention of collectors is to analyze what is trending in the NFT world. Things change fast in this business, from art styles to marketplaces.

Knowing what people want to see and buy can be an excellent way of creating a collection that sells fast and for a considerable amount of SOL. These trends significantly impact what kind of NFT we see on the market. For example, 3D art became the investors’ favorite type of NFT recently and is now one of the most popular genres of artwork.

Keep Perfecting Your Skills

Nothing comes easy. You can’t just always do the same thing and expect to get better.

If you want your art to look more professional and visually appealing, you must study and keep training every day. There is no other way to get better at something than training.

It can be less than an hour. The most important thing is to keep a routine. Consistency is key to generating actual results. 

Conclusion on Creating a Solana NFT Project

Although it may look like a hard-to-do process, with lots of steps and details to follow, creating an NFT project on Solana can be straightforward once you understand it. If you are a beginner, you can skip every step that requires knowledge, like programming, and use ready wallets and systems.

This way, both beginners and professionals can use all blockchain features. From a simple NFT sale to development tool testing, there is space for everyone at Solana.

Don’t forget to always keep perfecting your art abilities so your collections improve with time. There is no magic in the NFT world. It is all about understanding the process and dedicating yourself.

Now it’s time for you to start creating your projects at Solana. Don’t forget to follow the tips to avoid problems with your wallet and the platform.

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